The View

Authentic stories and self-expression have always had a powerful impact on me. I can sit at a poetry jam and my eyes will fill up as people use their art to wrestle with who they are, what they have suffered and what they hope for in life. I am a sentimental soul.

I am also deeply philosophical, which means I can find meaning in most things. Sitting on this beach on holiday I wondered about the sea, which brings life and death together. Just enough water can quench your thirst or allow you to be free between the waves…too much and well…we know how that ends… Life sometimes feels like a similar balance, containing so many moments of fun and laughter, as well as the potential to overwhelm you at any moment…

Having kept so many of my musings to myself, I feel brave enough to share some of them as they evolve and give them wiiiiiings 🙂

I want to use this space to end illusions and embrace truth. I want to be honest about the great joy and the deep pain that is both mine and yours. I want to share my journey of finding freedom; to explore and risk, to believe and question, to leave and return.

I will be sharing poetry, reflective pieces of writing, pictures, recipes, music and anything else that communicates something truthful about life as I am experiencing and witnessing it. Some of it will be beautiful, some hard to hear and some insightful. I seek to share my life and my art in full colour, as purely as possible, in the hope that you might say YES! and realise that you too are not alone.